Friday, August 28, 2015


I am such a horrible post-adoption blogger! I don't intend to be, but the days are getting away from me lately, and now that the kids are in school, we are spending a lot of time in the car!

Everyone is doing well. Vanya and Sam have started baby swimming lessons, and they're doing great! It's so cute to see Sam ride around on his teacher's back in the pool and get more comfortable in the water, and see Vanya try to blow bubbles and enjoy splashing around.

My 3 older girls are all in elementary now, and they're doing great at the new school. We love it so far.

Maks is in full day Kindergarten and he does a little jig every time he sees the bus pull up. It's really cute.

Maks and Vanya both have cardio checkups on Monday, and after that, we will be scheduling Maks' ear tube surgery.

So far, Vanya has checked out completely healthy on his bloodwork, ENT, stool tests, and everything else. He rocked his early intervention evaluation, too. He's not even delayed in the social area, which is AMAZING coming from the orphanage and having Down syndrome.

That's all I have time for today! I will post some pics soon!


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Biggest Thank You

I received the list of donors from our Reece's Rainbow grant today. 

Please know that even though we can't thank each and every one of you individually, we appreciate every single one of you. 

To our church family, who prayed for us, baked for us, and hosted events for us.

To the Reece's Rainbow community for always being there to listen, to fight for, to advocate. 
So many people were such a huge part of bringing him home. From the person in Ukraine who sent his file to the adoption authority. To the wonderful team in Ukraine who worked tirelessly. To the wonderful Nancy who dealt with my whining for months while I completed our dossier. To Reece's Rainbow for shedding light on the orphans. For giving them a chance. Andrea, Nancy, Michelle, Serge, Yulia S., Luda, Alex, Yulia, Vitaly. 

Thank you isn't enough. But, thank you, thank you, thank you, for helping us bring our sweet boy home. We really could not have done it without you. 

We love you, dear friends. We are blessed. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Quick Update


I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging. We have actually had a fairly easy transition so far, it's just busy having 7 kids! (WOW, I have seven kids!) The boys are in bed supposed to be napping, and the girls are out on a date with daddy.

Anyway, Vanya is doing amazingly well. He stopped drinking when we got home, but he started up again a couple days ago, so that was a relief. He had his first checkup yesterday. He is doing great, is 22 lbs and 33 inches. He's a BIG guy! Now the testing begins; bloodwork, stool tests, etc. Plus, his specialist appointments; cardiology, orthopedics, and anything the bloodwork results might add.

We have the intake appointment for Early Intervention set up for this coming Wednesday, and I can't wait to get this sweetie the therapies he needs! I'm hoping for feeding/speech therapy and physical therapy for sure.

Little guy has orphanage trained hands during mealtimes and we are hoping to break free of those chains soon.

Yesterday, he surprised us by grabbing a fry and eating it himself! He ate two whole fries without any problems. Nutritious? Nope. Do I care? Not one bit! He fed himself!!! Amazing the progress that can be made just by having a family.

He is crawling like a champ and trying to pull himself up on furniture, but he's in that soon-to-be-a-toddler phase where he is bonking himself on things like crazy, so his sweet little forehead is almost always bruised.

Maks had a hard time when we first got home. It's hard that I was away for so long, so he was acting out from that, and then add on a new kiddo, phew. He was not happy. He's doing much better now, but I've started limiting TV time, so he's mad at me again. He's doing great with Vanya, though. Maks starts Kindy on August 10th!

Sam and Vanya are totally bonding and it's soooo cute to see. Sam is 5 months older, and went through a little jealousy at first, but now he kisses and hugs him all the time, they baby babble and touch each other's faces, and it's so sweet to see. I think they will be best friends forever. :)

Charlotte is a smothering big sister. Which, we knew from having Samuel and adopting Maks, but it really is tiring. She's so very sweet and loves her brothers so much, but she gets a little carried away sometimes. She keeps saying things like, "I can't believe God made Vanya so cute! He is just so cute, I can't stand it!!! Mommy, isn't Vanka cute?!?!!" And when we're out of the house it's, "Momma, I miss Vanka Vanka! Let's go home." *swoon* It's precious.

The three big girls love him, and get lots of snuggle time in all day. It's nice that this was all done while on summer vacation so we all could bond with him and as a family. I need more pics of the big kids, apparently! I can't find any! :)

Hoping to have airport pics from our photographer soon. I'll post them as soon as I can!

Happy weekend!


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We're home!

I'm so sorry I haven't kept the blog updated. The end of process was crazy, as you can probably imagine. 

But, we're home! We got in last night, had a good night's sleep, and we're so happy to be back with our family where we belong. 

Thank you all for being with us every step of the way. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Urgent Plea

I hate asking.. But I'm putting pride aside and letting you all know my need. 

I vastly underestimated the amount I would need to get us home. Apparently they do not offer discounts on children's tickets during the peak season. Our tickets home are going to cost around $860-900 each. 

I underestimated that by about $1300 total. It's so very hard to estimate, especially when the ticket prices fluctuate so much. 

I'm asking you all to please pray. I know that most people cannot keep donating towards our adoption, but prayer moves mountains. The Lord has provided for us every step of the way, so please keep praying that we will have enough without worry. 

And if you can donate, we would appreciate it so much. Or if anyone has airline miles for United or Delta we could use, even better. :)

Thank you all. Praying for all of you from Ukraine. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Our family is pleased to announce that we have passed court and baby "Truman" is ours!

So, without further ado, I introduce to you...

Ivan Paul McIntee (nick name Vanya)
Born 2-13-2014
Born into our family 6-23-2015

ee-vahn: Ukrainian form of John, meaning gracious gift from God.

In staying with our papal theme for our boys, Ivan Paul honors Pope Saint John Paul II, a wonderful man who inspired so many, who had a hand in bringing me to the Church, and has worked miracles through both of our adoptions.

God is good, my friends. Thank you all for helping us bring him home. We could not have done it without you.




Ours. Forever and ever. 

Praise be to God. 


Monday, June 22, 2015

One big prayer request!

Tomorrow is court for Truman! I will post as soon as we are done and I can get to wifi! Please pray lots, specifically that I am not nervous and answer the questions in a way that makes the judge happy! :) thank you!